Hi, I’m Logan. I’ve been a professional software engineer since I finished high school in 1997. For the past three years, I have been working towards acquiring my Bachelor’s of Science at the Art Institute of California – Orange County in order to expand my knowledge of game development. I am seeking to obtain a position as a gameplay or tools programmer within a game company. Here’s a timeline of the more notable steps in my career:

  1. Edwards Cinemas – 1998 – Network Support Supervisor, Webmaster
    I became a network support engineer for the grand Edwards Cinemas back in 1998. I quickly became the support supervisor, which entailed managing the night support team while also serving as a network administrator. We supported over 200 corporate users and dozens of theaters across California.

    They promoted me to webmaster late in the year 1999. I began developing a lot of dynamic applications in ASP, like an online showtimes database and online ticketing sales.

  2. Earthbound Media Group – 2003 – Director of Programming
    I oversaw the production of dozens of sites for numerous corporations, organizations, and higher eductation institutions. These include such clients as USC, UCLA, NYU, and Loma Linda University Medical Center. The applications ranged from website development with simple dynamic publishing capabilities to large scale enterprise-level applications which facilitate thousands of corporate users.

  3. Logan Foster Consulting – 2006 – Owner, Chief Consultant
    I began working as an independent consultant in 2006, while assisting with the transition upon my exit as Director of Programming for Earthbound Media. During the last two years I have developed wide-use applications for clients such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Park Dietz & Associates, and Pak West Paper & Packaging.

I am currently attending the Art Institute of Orange County, working towards a Bachelors in Visual/Game Programming.