Space Shooter

This parallax scroller is based on the DirectX9 Framework, and uses textured quads to display textures onscreen. Those textured quads are then used to create parallax scrolling backgrounds for each level.

The game features a custom-built level loading system, which parses XML data and uses it to place characters and objects onscreen at predetermined intervals. In addition, custom physics were created to drive the ships and boss characters.

Enemy characters are driven by a multifaceted AI system which derives from multiple sources. Some enemies are affixed to a particular battle pattern, while others have specific pathfinding to track players, and sometimes a mixture of both. In addition, projectiles in the game are given the same targeted and path-based options, resulting in a multitude of ammunition types.

This is still a work in progress, but currently there are four different types of enemies and two distinct levels.

Work Done By Others

  • Rendering pipeline
  • Initial game logic (player/enemy movement)
  • Simple projectiles
  • Sound

Work Done By Me

  • Dynamic level scripting language
  • Gameplay logic
  • Physics
  • Dynamically loaded multi-faceted background textures
  • Optimized rendering pipeline
  • Implemented custom AI for enemies and projectiles
  • Ammo/Health/Powerup Pickups
  • Destructible objects with debris that damages player
  • Simple UI
  • Parallax Scrolling



  • W – Move Forward
  • S – Move Backward
  • A – Strafe Left
  • D – Strafe Right
  • X – Flip (Evade Fire)
  • Space – Fire Weapon
  • 1 – Switch to Gun
  • 2 – Switch to Dual Shot
  • 3 – Switch to Homing Missile