Levee en Masse

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Levee PosterGame Description:

“This solitaire game, suitable for group and classroom cooperative game play, tells the story of the French Revolution through its key events and decision points. You must stop the advances of foreign armies and the counter-revolutionary forces within France itself to defend the virtues of Republicanism. “

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Role(s): Lead Programmer, Game Designer

After the release of Loot and Scoot, I was tasked with creating a digital version of the board game LevĂ©e en Masse, a board game designed by John Welch for Victory Point Games. I began prototyping a basic version of the game in mid-February of 2012 (between critical Loot updates and other work), and by March we had a fairly skeletal version of the game’s mechanics. Clark Miller began working on the game’s art a short while after that, and the game was released on July 23.