Constitution Quest


A PC/Console RPG with a historic theme, this game functions like 8-bit turn-based classics such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. As the player, you navigate the world and attempt to recruit a party of founding fathers on a journey to ratify the Constitution. Level up your characters as they do battle with enemies along the route to Philadelphia, and gain new powers… political powers! As your characters grow, so will their influence with their constituents throughout the nation, which will unlock new dialogue options and rewards.

  • Up: Move up
  • Down: Move Down
  • Left: Move Left
  • Right: Move Right
  • CTRL: Party Menu
  • Enter: Interact with Obects/Menus/People (bring up dialogue)
  • Space: Move To Next Dialogue Message
  • X: Cheat Level Up (In party menu)


This is a game is a comedic tale of patriotism that spans the United States as it existed during the time of the Constitutional Convention. As George Washington, you are being sent to the convention as a representative of Virginia, along with your fellow delegates James Madison and John Blair. Along the way you and your escorts are attacked, leaving you and Madison separated from the rest of the group. You must make your way East to Philadelphia so that you can sign the Constitution into law.

You’ll also encounter towns filled with your constituents, who can give you valuable information towards fulfilling your quest. In some cases you’ll need to use your political powers of influence to gain their trust, or oppress them… with extreme prejudice.

Along the way you’ll do battle with fierce creatures, wandering raiders, and vicious political opponents. You’ll run into Anti-Federalist leaders like Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams, who will stop at nothing in their attempt to thwart your plans to establish a national government.

Gameplay Mechanics:

The game’s core mechanics in Constitution Quest are the exploring of the United States, the gathering of party members and resources, as well as gaining influence with your constituents. These actions are done through the use of the overworld map, which resembles games such as The Legend of Zelda. You will navigate using the directional pad, moving Washington and his party to new areas with new people and mysteries to discover.

Each character has a set of two meters, which describe their overall condition. These meters can be refilled via items or visiting certain buildings in towns.

Health: The character’s current overall physical condition, which can be refilled at inns or with health-restoring items.

Approval Rating: Your character’s political attacks drain your approval rating meter, which must be refilled before you can use them again. Without it you will be a less effective leader, and a less effective fighter.

Characters each have an array of attributes that can be leveled up as the game progresses, which increase their effectiveness and may have bonuses in other areas. The characters may encounter different status ailments such as confuse or poison which will have differing effects over these attributes. Individual character stats are as follows:

Hit Points: The maximum number of health available to a character.

Physical Strength: The ability of the character to inflict physical pain, as well as their resistance to damage.

Political Strength: Based on both leveling up and the work of placating their constituency throughout the game. The more supporters a character has, the better their ability to inflict and defend against political damage. Also, the higher the political strength, the more approval rating points available to that character.

Speed: The speed attribute determines who has the initiative when a battle ensues.

When you find opposition in the world, you will enter a battle mode that shows your characters from a side perspective. In this map you will have a list of offensive and defensive options, and each character will have a turn to use those options in their own time. Depending on who has the higher initiative score at the beginning of the encounter, the enemy may have the upper hand in attacking first. You can always attempt to run from an encounter, though you may suffer unfortunate losses in the process.

Attack – Attack using the character’s currently equipped weapon. Attack is determined by multiplying the character’s strength level by the weapon’s attack score, and offset by the defending character’s combined defensive score.

Political Powers – Each character has a unique set of political powers which can cause a variety of damage and status effects. The effectiveness of these powers depend upon your character’s political strength level, which also dictates their resilience against political attacks. Your approval rating is drained with each use of a power, which can be restored using items or by lobbyists in towns. Individual powers are described in greater detail below.

Item – Use an item from the party’s inventory to cure status ailments, restore health points and political support.

Special Attacks – In times of high political strife and low health, a character may unlock special attacks which can save themselves or their fallen comerades.

Townspeople can be very helpful in finding your way to Philadelphia. Some will be able to heal your wounds or refill your approval rating meter, some will be able to provide you with information necessary to fulfill your quest. By going up to another character and pushing the action button, you will be prompted with dialogue boxes for your party and the other character. By selecting certain combinations of dialogue options, you may unlock new pieces of information or be rewarded with items and added political strength.

You’ll need a strong base of supportive constituents when you get to Philadelphia, so treat your people well! Unless you are secretly an Anti-Federalist, hoping to destroy the Constitutional Congress from the inside out. The future of a nation is up to you as the player.