Game Maker

  • Constitution Quest – RPG

    My final project for a rapid game prototyping class in which we were given 5 weeks to develop a functional prototype for a “Founding Fathers” themed game. Constitution Quest is an old school RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy. It uses 2D sprites and a robust inventory and character management system. Featuring the music of John Philip Sousa.

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    >> Click Here to Download “Constitution Quest”

  • GameMaker – Platformer

    My final project for a preliminary game prototyping class in which we were given 5 weeks to develop a functional prototype for a game of our choice. My project was a prototype of my C++/DirectX9 sidescroller, which features modified Mega Man sprites and telekinetic powers. It features liberal use of Game Maker’s particle system.

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  • Vitamin D

    A simple mouse-controlled Flash game that was put together in about two weeks. The game was for a presentation project in a health class, the aim of which was to evangelize the merits of Vitamin-D. It’s the sunshine vitamin, you know.

    Eat the foods high in Vitamin-D, and avoid the harmful snacks. Earn bonus points by basking in the warming glow of the Sun.

    >> Click Here to Play “Vitamin D”

  • JQuery Fighter

    Based on the JQuery Framework, I took their example of fighting game animation and modified it into a usable game with player input and some light enemy AI for blocking attacks. More of a technical demonstration than a game, but it demonstrates the simplicity of the framework and using JQuery for simulating gameplay.

    >> Click Here to Play “JQuery Fighter”

MEL/Maya Scripting

  • MEL – Submarine Surfacing

    This submarine was a project for a technical animation class, in which we had to use MEL and the Expression Editor to create environmental effects. All particles, water, and movement is handled through scripting.

  • Maya/MEL – Stormy Waves

    Another technical animation project, in which we had to create realistic stormy waves through the use of MEL.

  • Maya/MEL – Barn Explosion

    This early technical animation project required the use of MEL/Expressions to simulate realistic weather and building destruction. Keep an eye out for the cows.