C++ Programming

  • Parallax Scrolling Space Shooter

    A parallax-scrolling space shooter in C++/DirectX9. The game features a custom level scripting language, heat-seeking missiles, powerups, and multiple types of enemies.

    The custom scripting language determines the placement of level data including enemy and powerup locations.

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  • Sprite-Based Sidescroller

    This project uses C++ and DirectX 9’s sprite interface to create a spritesheet-based sidescrolling game. Aside from the integration of Box2D for physics, all game pipeline components have been hand coded by myself, which was done as a learning exercise.

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C# Programming

  • C#/XNA – First Person Shooter

    This project was for a rapid prototyping class. The game was a collaborative effort between a team of designers, artists, and myself as the lone programmer. We had five weeks to create a first person shooter from concept to workable prototype, including custom 3d assets and textures.

    The final product was a First Person engine with collision detection, 3d mesh loading, dynamic lighting, and a sprite-based HUD. I was even able to get a couple of the weapons working prior to the due date.

  • Platformer Prototype

    This prototype was done in two weeks of class and was programmed in C#. It was an exercise in project management and planning. All of the goals of the project were fulfilled on time, and the prototype also included features outside of the spec such as vertical/horizontal scrolling.

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