USC School of Medicine

The Offices of Auditing & Compliance ran a healthcare provider database with over 10,000 users from a single Access 97 forms-based application. The project involved the conceptualization and execution of a major system upgrade, taking their simple forms and reports and applying the data to a LAMP environment. In doing so, the client requested some major functionality enhancements.

The system is used to monitor compliance with HIPAA regulations, and every physician under the blanket of USC School of Medicine is required to stay within compliance and are tested at set intervals. The testing, review, and auditing process were automated. New layers of user accessibility and administrative tools were added, giving the administrators the ability to set Practice Administrators and Auditing Monitors within the system. These particular user levels were given their own sets of tools for managing any physicians or administrators underneath their current access level.

Automated email templates were configured, including a custom email template tool, which would dynamically remind physicians, administrators, and auditing monitors that testing or a particularly important event was forthcoming. The system would automatically deauthorize users who were beyond their date of compliance, and only their practice administrators would be able to reauthorize these users once their compliance had been updated.

Finally, a robust set of customized reports were created to assist the many users in obtaining the data necessary to do their job. A custom reports tool was created, giving every user the ability to create their own customized reports, complete with search ranges for multiple fields, and various search options within each field accessed.

The project itself went extremely well, and I have led two training courses at USC, to educate users and practice administrators on the system and the importance of its functions.