Entrepreneur Media

Ask Entrepreneur

In 2007, Entrepreneur Media planned the launch of a web service called “Ask Entrepreneur” that would allow users to submit their questions to experts in all fields of business, and receive an actual, well crafted response. I was paired up with their .NET expert to create a bridge between the Windows and Linux side of the web presence, in order to properly execute this project.

The application began on the main Entrepreneur.com server array, which operated under Windows 2008 and IIS. The server then passes the data to a PHP5/MySQL5 based server which handled all of the sorting and deleting of questions prior to an Entrepreneur representative viewing them. Once the questions were put through an automated filtering process, they would wind up in a queue for an editor to assign. Once assigned to an expert (or experts) for answering, that expert has certain tools and capability to securely answer each question. The copy editor for that particular “expert” topic would then receive a message stating that their approval queue had been updated with a new answered question for review. Once the review process is complete, the question is approved and the Linux server would then update the Windows server with the appropriate question and answer data.

Link: http://www.entrepreneur.com/ask

Entrepreneur Blog Network

The next project for Entrepreneur involved the creation and maintenance of a corporate-wide blog network, which would be accessible to the public via the Entrepreneur.com website. I was given the task of architecting and executing the project, and given only the restriction that it allow multiple unique-subdomain blogs, and that they would be easy to administrate on a global level.

The project ran on PHP4/MySQL5, and gave the writers at Entrepreneur a simple way to post new editorial content to their own templated blog. This was part of a marketing effort on Entrepreneur’s part in order to bring in more unique content and traffic to the site. The Ask application was a huge success, and is still flooded with questions and answers daily.

Link: http://blog.entrepreneur.com/

Women’s Entrepreneur

Women’s Entrepreneur began in mid 2007, a project designed to promote and educate women in entrepreneurial business. The site required a connection to the Entrepreneur Blog Network, various CMS capabilities, and a scalable message board that would allow for a high volume of traffic per day. The hardware requirements limited this project to PHP5/MySQL5 on a FreeBSD server.

The project took two months to complete, and was a great success. The site continues on today, running on the same architecture.

Link: http://www.womenentrepreneur.com/